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Limited Edition Amethyst Storm Body

600amp Navitas A/C controller with Bluetooth

5kw A/C Navitas moto

FAST 30-35mph!

New Batteries w/2yr warranty & lithium upgrade available

Factory Lift Kit

LCD Speedometer w/Battery Gauge

On the fly controls (OTF) for speed/acceleration/regen braking with keyed lockout

Custom Modz FS2 seats with Headrests option cell phone pocket

Folding Rear Seat with storage access lid

80” extended Black top

Street Legal LED Light Kit

LED head lights w/high beams/ tail lights/ brake lights/ urn signals/ horn

Shuttle Front Brush Guard

Side Rear View Mirrors

Folding tinted windshield

USB Charging Port

Custom Steering wheel

14" MODZwheels w/23” Tires

Built in onboard smart charger included

2023 Navitas X4 Storm

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