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New! 2023 Vivid EV4 Lithium

5kw AC drive motor and controller
Tons of torque / fast 25+ mph
105ah Ecobattery Lithium battery!
40-50mile aprox range/3x faster charging and 8 year warranty!!!
LCD dash display /speedometer/odometer/S.O.C.
5" Lift front and rear
Custom 14" Gofldfather wheels and
23" Fusion GTR street tires
Gussi Italia Steering wheel
Extended canopy with grab handles
Seatbelts for 4 passengers
Side rearview mirrors
4 passenger with flip rear seat
Rear armrests with cup holders
Large Under seat storage compartment
Rear grab bar
Lockable glove boxes
All LED lights W/ Turn signals/brake lights/Horn
Flip down front windshield
Built in onboard charger
4 year limited warranty!
8 year battery warranty!

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